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David Goggins, author of the superbest-selling book about finding strength and yourself in this difficult world “You Can’t Hurt Me”, suggests asking yourself three questions, the answers to them, and determine your future destiny.

The first question is: “Why am I here?” This question is obvious, but few of us dare to ask ourselves and think about the answer. Someone answers incorrectly: he is here to make money, climb the career ladder, make his figure slimmer. Will not work. Your goal should be much higher and nobler.

The second question is both simpler and more difficult at the same time: “What am I capable of?” If you do not know the exact answer to this question, then your results will be mediocre. Go beyond your limits by exceeding your intended maximum by five to ten percent.

The third question is: “What if?” This question determines your entire life path. Answer it wrong and you can derail your life. The correct answer leads to victory. Ask yourself, “What if I do one more set?”, “What if I stay at work an hour longer to finish this report?”, “What if I run one kilometer more?”

Test yourself for strength and push the boundaries of your capabilities. Read Nothing Can Hurt Me with key insights from David Goggins’ superbest-seller.

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