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Different facts of vaping

A vaporizer is a type of  small oven that vaporizes active substances like THC and CBD and does not burn the plant material, which are very unhealthy for you. With the use of a vaporizer, you will therefore not ingest any amounts of unhealthy, toxic substances, including tar and nitrogen oxide. In other words: Vaporizing is the healthy way to get high!

Why you should vape

Vaporizers are more commonly seen on the streets then couple of years ago. That is not surprising because they are a more healthy alternative to smoking. For the smokers it is a godsend because that way you no longer need cigarettes to grab a smoke. The vaporizers are like an electric cigarette. They are small devices in which you can smoke, or rather vape,  THC or CBD. You don’t burn the content, you vaporize it. If you want to vape medicine, there are weed and hash vaporizers that can help you get the best experience. 

Different type of vaporizers

There are three types of vaporizers. A portable vaporizer works on a battery that can be charged up easily throughout the day. These vaporizers are compact and easy to bring along where ever you go. This way you can evaporate tobacco or weed on every moment of the day. A desktop vaporizer has a lot more power so you can keep a longer vapor session. It gives a stable and stronger evaporation of tobacco or weed. The desktop vaporizer is not portable though, it is only used at home. Pen vaporizers are the smallest and most discreet vaporizers out there. They make it really easy to carry bring along with you. The only downside of the pen vaporizer is that they are not rechargeable.

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