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Create your business plan here in 10 steps

Business plan


Writing a business plan is a serious effort. You don’t just do it in a weekend. On the other hand, you don’t have to be afraid of it, in principle everyone can write a business plan. You just have to be willing to do some research for it and here we help you with that.


This business plan – or the ten steps that lead to the plan – is not a blueprint or standard fill-in-the-blanks exercise, but a challenge to think about what you really want. To see if your plans are feasible. It is a bit of work, but then you have a business plan that is written to fit you. With which you can storm the market and with which you can convince your bank.


What can you learn here?

We have divided the ‘ideal business plan’ into 10 steps for you. Read it from 1 to 10, work out each part for your personal situation and at the end you have a personal business plan! This is especially good for you, because it forces you to think about all aspects of your own business before you take on all kinds of risks of which you can’t see the consequences. But it’s also a perfect way to show a bank (or other financier) that you know what you’re doing.


Making a business plan is no guarantee

You want to be an entrepreneur and lesson 1 is: there are no guarantees for success. Forget websites where you are promised that you are guaranteed to earn 100,000 euros per year. Nonsense! The average entrepreneur earns barely 20,000 euros per year. That’s less than average. It is up to you to rise (far) above that. And you can do that with a solid start: with a business plan.


And those successful entrepreneurs without a business plan then?

Of course, they also exist. People who started as a scrap iron dealer or as a gramophone seller. But there are also people who smoke cigarettes all their life, live to be 90 years old and die because they walk under a streetcar. These are the exceptions that prove the rule. Let one thing be clear: most successful entrepreneurs do have a business plan. In fact, they update it at least once a year. Now you again.


Increase your chances and get to work!


1. the entrepreneur

What kind of entrepreneur are you? In the first chapter of your business plan you draw a picture of yourself as an entrepreneur. Of course with all the factual data,


2. the idea

A golden or brilliant idea This is obviously the most important part of your plan: you’ve been lying awake at night worrying about this, haven’t you? You have the golden idea. The gap in the market. 


3. the enterprise

Before you can start your own business, you must first think of a few factual matters and arrange them. Think about the choice of legal form, inquiring about establishment requirements and the registration in the trade register.


the market

It is important to obtain (as much as possible) market data. You can not simply have a product without knowing what the existing market looks like. 


5. your product

If you have a unique product or service, don’t hide it! You need to stand out from the crowd to earn a place in the market. 


6. product-market-combination

After steps 4 and 5 this is a logical next step. It’s all about the product-market-combination (PMC). The more extensively you have gone through the previous steps, the more accurately you can work out this part. 


7. promotion

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting out have come up with a great product or service, but then it all comes to a standstill. Especially techno starters seem to suffer from this.


8. administration and insurance

Administration is a neglected area for start-ups. Unjustifiably so, as practice has shown: most entrepreneurs who were forced to stop appeared not to have their administration in order. 


9. finances

This last section on the financial side of your business is the toughest. We warn you in advance (because we find it the most difficult, maybe you feast on figures….). 


10. the summary

If you have written down all the parts by now, you now have a complete business plan. Just format it nicely, put a plastic cover around it and have it bound with a metal or plastic ring binder. 



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