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Get Ready For Phase 6 Of WoW Classic

Although Blizzard has not yet officially announced the launch date of phase 6 of WoW Classic, it is indisputable that we are getting closer and closer to its arrival, especially if we take into consideration all the rumors that indicate this new phase will enter the game in the first days of December.

Phase 6 is being highly anticipated by many WoW Classic players, as most of them were unable to enjoy the legendary inclusion of Naxxramas at the time it was originally released, due to the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion, so now they would have the opportunity to try this phase 6 as happened so many years ago.


How to prepare for Phase 6?

To enter Naxxramas you must have the rank of Honored within the Argent Dawn, this will allow you to speak with Archmage Angela Dos Santos in the Chapel of Hope of Light in Eastern Plaguelands so that she will assign you a quick mission that will make you go directly to this necropolis.

The mission, more than having a specific objective, fulfills the function of being a kind of tax to access Naxxramas, to see if the player has the resistance and the necessary ability to enter this territory, just like the other game missions.

To complete the mission you will have to deliver some materials and an amount of gold that will depend on your rank in the Argent Dawn. If you think you don’t have enough gold to complete the mission, you can buy wow classic gold and gather everything you need quickly with a slight investment of real money. Here we leave you the list of requirements according to the rank:

  •  In Honored, you must pay 60 gold, 5 arcane crystals, 2 Nexus crystals, and 1 straight orb.
  •  In Revered, you must pay 30 Gold, 2 Arcane Crystals, and 1 Nexus Crystal.
  •  At Exalted, it’s free.

As you see, the best option is to work step by step to reach the Exalted reputation in the Argent Dawn before phase 6 is introduced to the game, so you will save a lot of materials and you can use that amount of gold in other objects that you help to improve.

On the other hand, the Plague Invasion Event is one of the most important events of phase 6 and it begins just before the opening of Naxxramas. To join this terrible fight against the plague you have to talk to an Argent Dawn NPC, which will help you a lot to increase your reputation in that group, so we recommend you do everything about this event.

In the same way, another thing you should do is collect the badges of Crusade and Dawn, since the rewards that they offer you when you deliver them are quite good and will help you not to have such a bad time in Naxxramas.

One of the rewards is a bag of 18 slots, an item that should not be wasted as it greatly expands your possibilities when it comes to battling enemies.

Finally, you should not forget to take advantage of all the ice resistance equipment that is added in this phase 6, for this you must speak with Master Craftsman Omarion at the Wing of the Death Knight in Naxxramas.

WoW, Classic is now available in Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS. For more in-game items and leveling service, you may head to the GoldPiles store.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)