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Putting the customer at the center of your designs

Are you going to design a product? Then that is of course very nice. You can go all out as a designer and you can come up with all kinds of cool designs. Yet you do not have a free hand. Companies that are already on the market probably know all about this. Why? Easy. You should always put your customer first. Both in the design process and when the product is already on the market. Without a customer, your entire product falls apart, because you naturally want to sell as much as possible. Therefore, design with the customer in mind or go back to the drawing board to adapt your product more to your customer. How do you do that? There are several methods for this, but we will briefly explain two of them in this blog.


Voice of the customer

The voice of the customer learn is a method in which you ask the customer for feedback. You are basically doing customer research. This customer research is often done online through, for example, surveys, which ultimately gives you a lot of data. This way you can analyze the data and see why the customer does certain things the way they do. This is a method that is particularly suitable for a product that already exists and is already in the store. So with this method you are essentially going back to the drawing board. This form of research can overlap with other forms of research, such as UX design and the customer journey. So it’s smart to see if you can do something with that. This method is the process by which companies constantly record the opinions and judgments of the customer and thus learn to better understand the customer.


User centered design

This method, the user centered design guide, is best applied when you are still in the middle of the design process. You as a designer may like your own product, but your target group, your customer, must ultimately use the product. They often look at the design from a completely different perspective than you do. Therefore, during the entire design process, put the customer first. This way you know how they think and act and also when you can best launch the product. It can help to create a benchmark for this, a person who symbolizes the target group.