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Children's enema

Children’s enema

There is a Enema cleansing children. However, it is usually one of the last options a child has. It should also not be given to children under 2 years of age. An enema is quite intensive and it is not a pleasant experience to have as a child. The substance works quite quickly and you keep having stools because you are not used to this. We adults can see through this, but children quickly experience this as traumatic. It can help to lubricate the anus and the enema beforehand with some lubricant. Then it just gets a little easier. You often remove the scary feeling by going through the instructions with him or her. That way they know what to expect.

The retention enema

The retention enema is also available in a Herbal enema variant. This strain is initially used to hold the enema for a period of 15 minutes. In this way the intestines are thoroughly cleaned. In addition, they are often also used to initiate the flow of bile. If you have a small gallstone, it can often be flushed out with an enema. It can also fight infections. Some people also find that this works well as an anti-inflammatory to replace paracetamol or naproxen.

Why is it important to use it

The use of an enema is often recommended by doctors. This is also a remedy that you can only get with a prescription. This is not without reason, because you should not just use an enema. This is often the last step in a treatment. This is because it is not a pleasant treatment for some people. Especially young children do not like it. However, it can be the solution for, for example, constipation. Many people who suffer from this really experience a world of difference after using an enema.