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Madden NFL 21: Kicking Is Also Important, Learn How To Do Field Goals And Punts

One of the plays that a good football team must execute very well are the Field Goals, since they allow you to score in really complicated situations and take a short advantage of the opposing team without taking much risk.

In fact, this task is so difficult to execute that each of the NFL teams has a player who is exclusively in charge of kicking the Field Goals, because it is an action that requires a lot of practice and has a high complexity index.

However, the ball is not only kicked with the intention of scoring points, this technique is also used to execute punts, those long shots that are normally made on the 4th down to move the ball away from your own end zone before the opposing team start its offensive.

In Madden NFL 21 the controls to kick Field Goals and Punts are very similar to those of the previous installment of the series, but it never hurts to review some concepts to perfectly understand how these commands work and avoid failing in these plays so important.

Surely you know a story of a player who struggled to buy MUT Coins to win in Madden Ultimate Team, acquired the best players and ended up losing by failing a Field Goal, so don’t let this happen to you and read carefully this quick guide.


How to Kick Field Goals and Punts in Madden NFL 21

First thing’s first, it is best not to kick field goals more than 50 yards away from the goal, since very few kickers are capable of scoring and very high precision is needed to achieve it, so 95% of shots fail to meet their target.

Then, here are the commands to kick Field Goals:

You must use the left stick of your controller to direct the trajectory of the ball and make sure it is aiming the goal. We also recommend pressing the Left Stick if you are going to do a long distance Field Goal to have more precision when aiming.

Now you must press the X (PS4) or A (Xbox) button to start the kick movement, this will make the kick meter begin to rise little by little.

Then, what you have to do is press the X or A button when the line is as close as possible to the end of the meter. To finish the shot, you just have to wait for the line to descend as close as possible to the X Spot and press the X or A button again.

Regarding the punts, the options are practically the same as those of the Field Goals, the only thing that changes is that you can select between Sky Kick, Normal or Squib before kicking, although it is an optional adjustment.


The key to kicking the ball well is paying close attention to hitting and hitting X or A at the right times to get the kick as hard as possible.

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