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Beauty and Personal Care

Enjoying healthy and radiant skin after a HydraFacial treatment

Would you like to have healthy and clean skin? You can achieve this with a HydraFacial treatment. The big advantage of this treatment is that you see immediate results. A clinic where you can have the treatment HydraFacial in The Hague professionally performed is Van Lennep Kliniek. With two offices in The Hague and 1 office in Oegstgeest, Van Lennep Kliniek has become a beautiful clinic where you can go for various treatments. The clinic has existed for over 10 years and is led by DRS. Ludy Holst, cosmetic doctor KNMG. Because of the wide opening hours of the three clinics you can quickly make an appointment, exactly when it suits you.

Every member of staff working at Van Lennep Kliniek has been thoroughly trained and has extensive experience in the profession. There are several skin therapists, cosmetic doctors and a plastic surgeon working in the clinic. The cooperation of the team is excellent. You will receive personal attention and guidance. We always work towards the best result and a natural outcome.

Do you have doubts about a treatment or do you not know what treatment you would like? You can always make an appointment for an intake. This intake or first consultation is always free. The specialist looks at your skin, listens to your wishes and determines which treatment you could take for the desired result. This is always a treatment plan drawn up so you know exactly where you stand. Many treatments are painless. For treatments where you might experience pain or sensitivity, you can opt for anesthesia. The area to be treated is anesthetized using a numbing cream.

Pigmentation spots treatment with the IPL laser

Many people, especially as we get older, have to deal with pigmentation spots. Because of the aging of the skin and years of contact with the sun our skin produces more and more pigment spots. This often bothers people. Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to do something about the spots. At Van Lennep Kliniek the pigmentation spots treatment is done via a laser.

With the IPS laser, the pigmentation spots are treated, with the result that the spots almost or completely disappear.

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