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For all your medical translation needs

Modern medicine is a global affair. Clinical studies are conducted in multiple countries, which means that these studies are done in several languages. These medical documents need to be translated, but need to be done properly. Do you require medical translations? Scriptware can provide expert medical and pharmaceutical translations regardless of the stage the project is in.


No risk, only qualified translators 

Not everyone can translate medical documents. Especially with topics such as these, it is important that the translators have a medical background or a lot of experience in medical and pharmaceutical translations. Medical documents need to be accurate and clear, but also locally relevant. To ensure the best possible translations, the agency will take the target group(s) into account. 

Are you curious about their work and want to see what translations they have done so far? Follow the link to the website and read the case study about CATO SMS. This is a full-service research organization that specializes in oncology trials worldwide. Because they conduct clinical trials in different countries, they need their documents to be accessible worldwide. Therefore, a reliable medical translation partner that is capable of handling a wide variety of texts is needed. 

Scriptware is definitely capable of handling medical translations because they have translators who have a medical background. These translators can accurately translate these documents for you. Do you have documents that need translation?