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How do I maintain my lawnmower?

By properly maintaining a lawnmower, you can significantly extend its service life. Therefore, clean the lawnmower after every mowing and sharpen the blades once a year.

Grass residues contain acids that damage the mower, so it is a good idea to clean the mower after every mowing. Pay particular attention to the area where the blades are located. Remove all grass clippings and other debris with a scraper and a brush. Do not use water! Dry the underside with an old cloth to prevent rust. Also regularly tighten the screws or bolts and grease the hinges to make them run smoothly again. There is a big difference between the quality of lawnmowers it is advised to explore several lawn mowers before purchasing. This is a great website for buying a lawn mower: lawn mowers for sale. Choosing the right lawn mower can have a great impact on the service time of the lawn mower.


Major lawnmower maintenance

At least once a year, the lawnmower needs a major service. We call this the winter service: at the end of the garden season, your mower is ready for the new mowing season. You can take the mower to an approved quality assessor, specialized in maintenance and repair of all brands of lawnmower machines. 


Manual lawnmower maintenance

With an electric lawnmower, you can remove the hood and clean the engine inside. This gives the engine a better cooling. With a petrol mower, the maintenance takes a little more time: Make sure the petrol tank is empty during the winter when you are not using it. The remaining fuel loses its ignition power in the winter, because certain substances will settle. Is the tank still empty? Let the engine run until it stops.

Grease all hinges and mechanisms with a lubricant.

Change the oil once a year, but never leave the oil tank empty, otherwise rust may form.

Remove the spark plugs and air filter to clean them. You can clean the spark plugs with a wire brush and a cloth. A cardboard air filter can be blown out or knocked out. If it is too dirty, it must be replaced. A mousse filter can be rinsed with petrol and moistened with some oil. 


Sharpening blades of the lawnmower

If you are going to maintain a lawnmower, don’t forget to sharpen the blades. Because of the dirt in the mower, the blades are blunt and this produces brown dots in your lawn. Sharp blades ensure a beautiful mowing result. Sharpening the blades of a lawnmower is a little more complicated than with other types of garden tools.

After sharpening, the blades need to be well balanced, which means that both sides of the blade are equally heavy. You can use a balancing device for this purpose. After sharpening, the blades can withstand another twenty-five hours, which is more or less equivalent to a year of mowing grass.