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The many different advantages of stud bolt caps

Are you in need of certified fasteners, such as stud bolts and protective caps for your project? BoltShield® caps will help you out. BoltShield® caps are screw-on metal caps designed to protect nuts and stud bolt assemblies from sustaining damage, and to considerably help prevent rust and corrosion.  The A BoltShield® metal protection cap has a special internal female thread, called a screw-on system to ensure a strong and secure fixing to the bolt. The stud bolt is made from stainless steel and has been designed from the ground up for manual installation. Therefore, no extra tools are required. You can easily install and remove them when needed, for instance over a stud bolt B8M.To get your BoltShield® caps in the Benelux, HBS Solutions B.V. is the only licensed dealer carrying these assemblies.


This company offers solutions in fasteners

When working in the energy, petrochemical, offshore industries and equipment construction, HBS Solutions B.V. is your perfect partner. They are a project-based organization supplying certified fasteners, like stud bolt caps according to ASTM/ASME and DIN/ISO. Their clients exist out of service and maintenance companies, engineering and manufacturing companies, trading companies, procurement companies and EPC-contractors.Next to the supply of materials, this expertise company also offers varying services, such as:

  • Service and maintenance
  • Trading and procurement
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Acting as a one-stop-shop for EPC-contractors

The many benefits of the stud bolt caps

The stud bolt caps from HBS Solutions are suitable for coating as well. They can even provide the caps with a coating and can also supply them in varying sizes ranging from 0,5” to 6”. Are you in need of certified fasteners for your project? Do not hesitate to contact the experts of HBS Solutions B.V. and request their advice or a quote. Give them a call or send them a message via the contact form on the website.