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This Dutch tradition seems to be good for your health

Starting the morning with a nice glass of cold Dutch milk is perfectly normal in the Netherlands, unlike in many other countries. Milk is most often consumed with breakfast. On average, the Dutch drink four glasses of milk a week and most people say they do this because of the health benefits. However, milk in the Netherlands tastes very different to milk in other countries, and many Dutch people miss their own favorite milk when they stay abroad for a while. In this blog article, we take you through the reasons why the Dutch drink so much milk and we offer a solution for all those people who would like to drink their favorite Dutch milk while abroad! 

Good for the bones

Cow’s milk, like many other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, contains a lot of calcium. Calcium ensures strong bones but is also responsible for several other important things in your body. If you have a calcium deficiency, you may experience muscle cramps, you may notice that your hair and nails break down quickly and are brittle, and you may feel tingling or numbness in your hands or feet. Do you recognise any of these symptoms? Then it might be a good idea to start drinking more milk. 

Good for the muscles

Milk is not only high in calcium, but also rich in protein and phosphorus. These are nutrients your muscles really need. These substances stimulate muscle production and muscle maintenance. When your protein intake is too low, your muscles lose mass and you gradually become weaker and weaker. Milk also contains potassium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. All essential nutrients your body can use well. 

The search for real Dutch milk abroad

We mentioned earlier that milk from abroad often tastes very different to milk from Holland. So it could be that you don’t like the milk from other countries at all, but that Dutch milk does. Even if you live, work or study abroad, you might still like a nice glass of Dutch milk. Fortunately, the Dutch Expat Shop is the place to go. This Dutch supermarket offers more than 27,000 Dutch and Belgian products online. Are you looking for something typically Dutch and you can’t find it in your neighborhood? Then take a look at the website!

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