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What are E-cigarettes and why are people using them?

Quite a lot of people have decided to change their lifestyles by ditching their cigarettes in exchange for an e-cigarette or ‘e-cig’. If you’re reading this maybe, you too are considering the switch. It’s a tough process, not only because a lifestyle change is extremely challenging but also because the world of e-cigarettes is a big and growing one. There are many devices, flavors, and terminology to learn and choose from. Though, worry not, because in this blog you’ll find out the basics, so you don’t walk into this world completely blind.


Take apart an e-cig and what do you have?


In a basic e-cigarette, there aren’t many complicated parts, though the e-cig needs all of these parts to function in its intended way. Of course, there are plenty of fancy e-cigs that may look and have complicated pieces, and there are ones that come in several shapes and sizes. Though they all have the same basic parts for them to work.


The battery
The chargeable battery makes sure the most important function of the e-cig works, the vaporization process. Because it is chargeable, replacing the battery often isn’t necessary.


The coil

This is an electrical wire that uses the battery power to heat up the e-cig’s liquid, referred to as e-liquid, in order for it to vaporize for you to inhale.


The tank

The container where the e-liquid is held is called the tank.



This is the liquid that is vaporized for smoking. They come in a multitude of different scents and tastes.


The mouthpiece

This is where you place your mouth to inhale the vaporized liquid. Don’t forget to clean this part every time you use it.


Styles of e-cigarettes

E-cigs vary in not only sizes but styles as well. The most common style that people use is what is called the vape pen, which is shaped like a pen, and another common style is most known from the brand Juul where the e-cigarettes are shaped like a USB stick. Both of these styles are easy to carry and conceal, which is why they are the most popular. Another style of e-cig is the box mod, these e-cigs are chunkier than their more popular counterparts, however, the box mods have more features and can hold more rechargeable batteries so the usage lasts longer. 

Then last but not least there are the disposable e-cigarettes, which as the name tells you, are meant to be disposed of after it has been exhausted. These e-cigs, unlike the reusable ones, come ready to use. They have a full tank of e-liquid and a fully charged battery so all you need to do is use it.


The flavors of e-liquids


One of the appeals to e-cigarettes compared to regular cigarettes is the many flavors they have. The options range from fruity flavors such as melons, cherries, apples, and bananas, to bitter flavors such as fizzy lemonade or caramel macchiato. If you can think of something tasty you’d like right now, there’s probably an e-liquid for it. There probably are flavors you haven’t even heard of before. Naturally, for the people who want the familiar tobacco flavor of a cigarette, there are also e-liquids for them. In terms of nicotine, many flavors have many ranges of amounts of nicotine in them. There are also nicotine-free options as well.